Twitter Updates for 2007-11-02

  • My N73 is acting up for some reason. Connectivity problems. Think I am going to start reformatting drives. Start again. #
  • Having a really strong desire to throw my phone at a wall really hard. Tempted to reflash the phone’s os. Ugh. Don’t know what changed. #
  • Making yourself "available" for the top spot is Electioneering 2.0 in the ANC #
  • Bullard’s rant about bloggers made it into his new book, "Screw it, let’s do lunch." #
  • Ok, slightly overloaded bus to the plane. #
  • Any ideas when GPhone will come out? #
  • Just getting to the plane is an adventure #
  • Listening to theme music from Superman Returns on the tarmac, waiting to board the plane #
  • Home and the first blog post I read was on my phone about Plaxo’s roll out of 1st Open Social implementation. Brilliant!! Joseph Smarr rocks #
  • @daveduarte and @kerry_anne I am sorry I missed Vincent’s talk! #
  • Ahh, good to be back home with my puppies, broadband and my stuff #
  • @royblumenthal I am not sure what the cause is. Sms’s sometimes don’t send, some app keeps trying to install. Poor signal quality. Ugh! #
  • @ircmaidon Of course but I haven’t actually seen her yet … #
  • Did a big, high pressure job a week ago and the client is now saying I missed vital issues … feeling ill #
  • @ircmaidon Yeah, not happy about this. The document is fine. Oh well, I will have to see what the concerns are. Big fee though. #
  • Man it is hot. Real Speedo weather (Leopard print for Mac fanatics) #
  • Just bought a pair of Crocs. Not the best looking shoes ever. #
  • @justinhartman Have a good weekend! #
  • Really sleep deprived and can’t have a decent nap due to barking dog and noisy neighbours #
  • @rafiq Are you referring to this: #
  • Do the current generation of Intel Macs support 64 bit computing? Is it a processor issue? #
  • Just reading MacBook specs, they have been updated! Up to 2.2 GHz and 4GB of RAM. Nuts! #
  • MacBook Pros updated to 2.6 GHz #
  • @unodewaal Tell me about it, I just got my MacBook! Lol. Knew this would happen. #

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