• Happy birthday to Mike Stopforth! Doesn’t look a day over 25. #
  • @SteveRubel Will that mobile Google Docs run on other mobile devices or just the iPhone? #
  • It looks like there is a firmware update for the Nokia N73 #
  • @DaveDuarte Let me know if you need help with all the legalese #
  • There is an exciting new event coming up with iCommons that will make use of a Jaiku channel so sign up with Jaiku!! #
  • Once you have signed up with Jaiku, head over to http://jaiku.com/channel/iHeritage #
  • Also check out http://icommons.org/iheritage #
  • @EveD The Nokia N73 is a great phone. The one niggle is the joystick – my fingers are a bit big. #
  • @unodewaal How does the virus spread? #

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