Twitter Updates for 2007-09-07

  • Wouldn’t it be great if older video iPods could be upgraded to the new iPod classic’s operating system? #
  • Anyone hear of Quechup? #
  • Starting to delve into this Guy McLaren saga #
  • Started watching one of McLaren’s YouTube videos and couldn’t bring myself to finish it … #
  • I am still looking for the first posts on it so I can track it through, Amatomu search perhaps? #
  • aha #
  • ok, well I ran a search on Muti, have the results page in front of me #
  • So far this whole thing seems a bit absurd #
  • Do I have to watch his videos? Is there a way I can avoid it? #
  • @CraigN Looks like I will also miss this month’s 27 Dinner – wife’s friend’s engagement party – bad juju to miss #
  • @stii It is painful to watch, someone should be paying me to do this … 😛 #
  • @CraigN Only if I am aiming for divorce! #
  • Oh right, absolutely correct @CraigN #
  • I’m not sure I can comment about McLaren publicly without running the risk of being sued #
  • Ok, here is my rant about McLaren, for what it is worth: #
  • @steverubel Google Reader really is one of the best feedreaders I have used. I would like support for protected feeds. #
  • Renewing my Flickr Pro account … #
  • My wife is educating our housekeeper about Jewish customs #
  • Guy McLaren has commented on my post about him … think this will bump my blog’s ranking? #
  • @stii Well, I am number 2 … #
  • but that is just me #
  • Damn! He isn’t talking about me enough #
  • and neither are you guys! #
  • come on, lots of hype about me and McLaren #
  • nah, it would be pretty darn cool and would bug the heck out of McLaren #
  • @danieroux We think it is a MS Windows launch with an Alice in Wonderland theme #
  • The crowd can’t seem to figure out the opening ceremony theme either. #

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