Twitter Updates for 2007-08-23

  • Just installed Saft for Safari … no more frikkin ads flashing at me #
  • I don’t really like instant coffee and I don’t know why I keep drinking it … #
  • @CraigN But it is decaf … #
  • well, that still wouldn’t help because I may have 2 or 3 cups of decaf a week, at least this stuff #
  • I registered on The Times website about 3 days ago and just received my email confirmation now! #
  • I must go collect a registered mail item #
  • @danieroux Mac users can also get the job done with iSync and something like Plaxo or Spanning Sync #
  • All this talk about how easy it is to install Movable Type 4 and it wasn’t that easy for me at all – gave up #
  • @stii "Joys", is that a euphemism? 😛 Actually it is disappointing it isn’t easier, I’d like to try it out. #
  • Is anyone watching my shared feeds from Google Reader? Find them helpful or interesting? #
  • @stii Actually I tried it when MT4 was still in beta and gave up #
  • I’ll try again when I have more time to play #
  • I heard Manto has two bodyguards … Johnny Walker and Jack Daniels #
  • @stii That would be cool, thanks. Do you want to email the link to me? #

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