Twitter Updates for 2007-08-08

  • @MaxKaizen Where will the column be? #
  • I should be appearing on CNBC Africa in the next week or so … #
  • Trying out the OO version for the Mac thanks to a tip from Justin Hartmann #
  • @CraigN I want to see if I look thinner on TV … #
  • @CraigN They want to interview me about blogging, I think #
  • thanks @craign #
  • ooh, the Nokia E90 looks like an awesome device! #
  • @MaxKaizen I am waiting beside my phone Max #
  • @MaxKaizen ok, I am in #
  • @MaxKaizen Max, you are just horribly misunderstood! #
  • I am beginning to wonder if my blogging lull is going to come to an end … #

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