chilibean on Jaiku and Flickr

You may notice an addition to the sidebar on this blog. I have created a Jaiku channel for chilibean content.

The channel will update as new content is published to a number of sites including the chilibean blog and a new chilibean group on Flickr which I just set up for photos of anything to do with chilibean media. At the moment there are photos from the WebPR+ conference a while ago. The Flickr Group is open to any one to join so please feel free to submit photos of events which we attend or organise or anything that is relevant to chilibean and our quest to promote new media.

I’d like to add other content feeds that have to do with chilibean too so drop me a line and let me know if you have a chilibean related content feed I can add to the Jaiku channel.

In a way this is an experiment with a new communication channel. Jaiku has the benefit of being mobile as well as Web-based and its ability to aggregate a number of feeds and content streams makes it a great short form aggregator. It is a bit like a specialised feed aggregator and microblogging platform for a specific topic. As I write this I have added the chilibean blog feed (which should contain the podcasts we publish as well as the blog content), a feed from the Flickr group, a Technorati keyword search feed for the term “chilibean” as well as a feed for an Amatomu search on the term “chilibean”. In time I’d like to add feeds as well as other feeds which chilibean features in with a view to providing a single channel of chilibean related content which subscribers can scan at a glance and then click through to anything of interest.

If you would like to subscribe to the channels feed, click here. You can also subscribe to the channel on the Jaiku page by adding the channel to your list of contacts/channels.

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