Don’t be too cheap, it could really cost you later

Guy Kawasaki makes a pretty good point in his post titledHow to Change the World: $4,824.13 for Legal Fees. You may be tempted to seek out the cheapest lawyer you can find to get you started with some or other project where what you probably really need is the opposite. Cheap isn’t necessarily better, particularly when you are starting a new venture or putting together a deal. Often you are better served spending more money to get the job done properly. Hire a lawyer who knows the area you are getting into and who can help you establish a good foundation for your next endeavour. There are good reasons why we have sayings like “penny wise is pound foolish” and “goedkoop is duurkoop”. One problem you may face is that the agreement you put together using cobbled precedents on the Web (which may, in turn, be low-grade Frankenstein documents) is that you won’t have catered for the common (and even some of the uncommon) pitfalls which you may have to dig yourself out from at a considerably higher cost.

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