The American Idol final 2 – SPOILER WARNING!!

I just noticed that “Melinda Doolittle” is one of the top 10 search terms in Technorati so I took a look to see what all the fuss is about and it turns out that Melinda has been sent off leaving Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks. This really doesn’t make sense to me. Blake is lucky to have made it this far but to have him remain in the show while Melinda walks is just crazy. Can’t the American public see that Melinda is far more talented than Blake? Just take a look at Melinda’s rendition of Tina Turner’s “Nutbush City Limits” a couple weeks ago:

I suppose it isn’t really a huge problem for Melinda. She is sure to find herself being presented with a few good offers by music labels because she really is that good. She has done an excellent job with every song I have seen her perform. It does make you wonder about the people doing the voting. I really wouldn’t have thought Blake’s beatboxing would be so popular … jeez!

What a way to bugger up a really good song …

As for the final, I’m holding thumbs for Jordin. She really does deserve to be in the final so I hope she wins this.

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  1. […] After Melinda was sent home from American Idol, leaving Blake and Jordin to battle it out for the prize, I had to post a follow up here. I was relieved to see that Jordin Sparks has won American Idol (to the extent being number 1 on the show makes a huge difference – Blake and Melinda will probably both have record deals in the coming months anyway). Here she is with her final performance which took her to the top position: […]

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