I’ll just write some drivel then, Bullard?

David Bullard, Sunday Times columnist, has written a really unfortunate article titled “Name and shame offensive bloggers” which was published today. Vincent has posted a blow by blow review of Bullard’s comments and his responses to them so I won’t go through the same process. Basically this whole blogging thing is, according to Bullard, little more than a bucket-load of poorly written drivel concocted by an unfortunately large group of psychopaths who post because they can’t get laid and to stave off their urgent desire to go nuts gunning down their “fellow students at university” …

… shit, sorry, I dropped my Glock in my condom drawer there …

anyway, as I was saying … what was I saying … (if only I could get laid I’d be able to writer better …)

… later …

So anyway, here I have been writing all this drivel all these years when really what I have been expressing is my strong desire to be hired as a journalist for a reputable news publication (ok, that is ironic). Hmmpf, if only I realised that before I started making a contribution to a community of people who address important issues like broadband penetration, racism and bigotry, crime and justice in South Africa and a number of similarly petty issues! All this blogging (I shudder to think what effect I have had on the general fabric of society with my podcasting too!) and I am two keystrokes away from becoming another Cho Seung-Hui.

I, for one, am grateful to Mr Bullard for his intervention. We South Africans are most fortunate to have such an open-minded, pro-free speech, sensitive, hip and ethical journalist (a real journalist, mind you, not some flunky “citizen media sociopath”). I certainly hope those The Times people are paying attention here. That blogging voodoo stuff is just bad news!

I am going to finish cleaning my gun and then I am packing away my laptop for sure.

Here are some thoughts by a few other misguided souls (I can almost feel religion coming on … or is that a rash?):
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Further update:
My wife is most concerned about the paucity of decent writing on the local blogosphere and has promised to help me improve my writing soon (this offer is limited to me).

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