Guy Kawasaki on blog evangelism

I am just watching/listening to a video podcast interview with Guy Kawasaki on Marketing Voices:

The interview covers Guy’s thoughts on his success as a blogger and what he considers important when it comes to blogging. He is a fantastic guy to watch and listen to and has some great, sensible advice for bloggers and I particularly enjoyed his comments about people who suggest link exchanges with him. He basically tells those people that if they consider his blog worthwhile then they could link and similarly if he considers their blogs worthwhile he may link. He isn’t going to just link because you want to swap links.

When it comes to evangelizing a blog, he said that it is pretty easy to evangelize a blog that is a great blog with great content, a good purpose and high entertainment value. Rather than trying to kick a dead horse, publish good content and keep it coming. There are a couple blogs which seem to thrive on trashy content and they may be great from an entertainment perspective but they are really not going to add any real value to anyone. I guess it is a bit like this whole thing with bad boys and good guys. Girls date bad boys and have a great time doing it but they aren’t going to take the bad boys home to meet mom. When they settle down, they will probably go for the good guy.

I may have mentioned the Marketing Voices podcast before and I would just like to reiterate what a great podcast it is. Jennifer Jones has some really great interviews with a variety of interesting people. It is worthwhile subscribing to and listening to it regularly.

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