Israel in the media

I attended a talk given this morning by an Israeli official about the current state of things in Israel (which is depressing on a military/security front) and I overheard a conversation before the talk started which interested me tremendously. A volunteer in the media arm of the host organisation was talking about the challenges she faces from mainstream media (Mail & Guardian is one paper she is battling with oddly enough) and grassroots political movements opposed to what is going on in Israel and how she finds herself at a disadvantage because the media seems to be biased towards the Palestinians and are not giving enough exposure to the other side of the story.

I found myself wondering why she was so focussed on mainstream media and getting enough air time to present the other side of the story when she could be using the many tools available to her for free on the Web where she can craft her message and spread it across the many sympathetic blogs and other social media sites. Many of these grassroots political movements that are springing up on university campuses and in communities start at ground level (hence the term “grassroots”). Isn’t a Web-based community a grassroots community of a different type? If you want to get your word out and the mainstream media won’t listen, start a blog, share your thoughts with the community. There are many passionate Jews and people who believe in what Israel is doing who will spread the word very effectively. It just requires a little vision.

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