SA motorists a bit like crack addicts?

So the petrol price is going up by 68c/l and this will bring the petrol price to around R6.67 in Gauteng and we are already being warned to expect more increases. My question is why are we still driving cars dependent on oil-based fuels? Sure we can’t just chop and change to a vehicle that uses a different fuel overnight but what is actually being done to convert mass transport and our cars across to some other fuel. Biodiesel and other renewable fuels are being developed and being used more widely, sure, but how much longer will we be driving these expensive, polluting clunkers?

And who is to blame for the slow move to a new type of vehicle/fuel? The motor vehicle manufacturers worried about investments in new technologies and wasting investments in old technologies? The oil industry because a widespread move to an alternative wipes out billions of dollars in profits and radically changes geopolitics? Or us because we just take it?

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