2007 SA Blog Awards

We just got home from the 2007 SA Blog Awards held at Cool Runnings in Fourways. We had a great time and each of the winners deserve a hearty congratulations. Rich…! and his Missing Links were there with their gear and helped Jonathan Cherry, the Awards’ organiser, make the event a thoroughly enjoyable event.

2007 SA Blog Awards @ Cool Runnings in Fourways  - 39

Tertia Albertyn won the overall award for Best SA Blog and I agree that her blog is a fantastic example of the talent in our corner of the globe. Well done, my friend!

So close.png

As some of us married types were leaving we got to see a video which had been put together from footage shot earlier that evening (these Missing Link people are amazing!) which you can expect to see on the Web very soon which is below. All in all we had a great time chatting, playing foosball (I even got to play) and celebrating all of us!

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    Thanks Rich…!

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    Thanks Rich…!

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    Thanks Rich…!

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    Thanks Rich…!

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