South Africa to be governed by Central Committee?

When I read a report like this I start to wonder when South Africa will start to be governed by a central committee a la the Soviet Union or China? The ANC wants to consolidate power and decision making in the office of the Secretary General of the ANC and take that power away from the President and the Executive branch of government. It seems that the ANC is not happy that the President exercises his executive authority as the constitutional head of state without consulting with the politicos at Luthuli House. So how exactly is this supposed to pan out anyway? Are we to be ruled notionally by a government that really isn’t very representative (unless you count votes from districts reorganised to maximise support for the ruling party) that has its decisions made by an unknown group of people behind the scenes, who represent party interests and who were not elected? Is this a government for the people, elected by the people or a glorified case of the Muppets?

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