Venues – 27dinner and SA Blog Awards

The venues for both the next 27dinner (next Tuesday) and the 2007 SA Blog Awards have been announced.

The 27dinner is being held at a new venue. It is being held at the Primi in Melrose Arch (opposite the First National Bank. Here is a map to Melrose Arch:

Map to Melrose Arch

As before, the 27dinner wiki is where you add your name to the attendance list. There is a limit of 100 jeeks and there are 100 names but if you still want to go, add your name to the waiting list (I think there is a waiting list) or beg Mike to let you in.

The 2007 SA Blog Awards, on the other hand are being held at Cool Runnings in Fourways (didn’t even realise there was a Cool Runnings in Fourways!). Light snacks will be provided but you are going to have to pay for anything else you consume! Be sure to visit the wiki and add your name to the list so the organisers know who is going to be there.

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