Murder off the pitch

154px-Bob_Woolmer.JPG.jpgOh wow! Bob Woolmer murdered and the suspects are linked to betting? This is like some action movie. Should the World Cup continue if there are people being murdered by thugs involved in illegal betting activities (if this is what they were doing)? Doesn’t this taint the World Cup altogether? The indications are that his murder was linked to certain illegal activities taking place. According to the Sunday Times:

The murder of Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer has highlighted the dark side of a sport once known as the gentleman’s game but which is now plagued by underworld match-fixing gangs.

Jamaica police, while confirming that Woolmer was strangled to death a day after Pakistan were knocked out of the World Cup following their loss to unfancied Ireland, have ruled out mugging as a likely motive.

The police have stressed they do not suspect anyone yet of the crime, but fingers are once again being pointed at the powerful betting and match-fixing mafia that has become synonymous with cricket.

I wonder who else was threatened by these thugs and if anyone else is going to wind up lifeless before the end of the series?

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