New features added to Highrise and a solo plan

I have really enjoyed using Highrise the last few days so imagine my excitement when I received an email (and then saw the post) with the following awesome news:

Thank you
It’s been just over 36 hours since we officially launched Tuesday afternoon. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response. All things considered, the launch of Highrise has been our most successful product launch ever. Thank you!

Some early stats
Highrise is definitely getting a workout. Here are some early stats on the amount of data that has been added to the system so far:

  • Over 150,000 contacts
  • Over 15,000 notes
  • Over 10,000 tasks

Another interesting stat is that 9% of the people signed up are using OpenID. Lots of early adopters on board!

We heard you: Here come Cases for everyone
When we launched we only offered Cases on Plus, Premium, and Max plans. There was a fair bit of negative reaction to that decision. We hear you. So today we’ve made a change. Now all plans include some Cases.

  • Plus, Premium, and Max continue to include unlimited Cases
  • The new Solo plan (explained below) includes unlimited Cases
  • Basic includes 5 Cases
  • Personal includes 3 Cases
  • Free includes 1 Case

These case numbers are for open Cases. That means you could have 12 cases on the Basic plan, but only 5 could be open at one time (the others must be closed). This is exactly how Active/Archived projects in Basecamp work.

We hope you like this change.

Don’t need to share Highrise? Go Solo for $29/month
Another interesting bit of feedback we received was that there seem to be a fair number of people who will be using Highrise on their own. They don’t have a staff, they don’t have co-workers. They are independent contractors, or freelancers, or contract salespeople, or real-estate agents, or 1-person business owners, etc. They want to get the most out of Highrise, but they don’t need a muti-user account.

So we’ve made a new plan just for them. The Solo plan. The Solo plan is basically the same as the Plus plan, except it’s only for a single user. You get 1 gig of space, unlimited Cases, SSL, 20,000 contacts, but only 1 user. If your company grows or you want to bring multiple users in down the road you can just upgrade to Plus and you’ll have up to 15 users.

There is more where that came from including some great news about storage space increases and a promise (of sorts) of an API soon for developers.

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