CEOs grapple with Web 2.0

Yahoo! News has an article titled "CEBIT: CEOs Grapple with Web 2.0". There are good points in the article. BT CEO, Ben Verwaayen, said the following:

He™s a consultant and I™m a CEO. He doesn™t have to worry that if you have a community network in your organization and you disclose financial information, you go to jail,

That quote really highlights the fact that there are considerations that need to be taken into account when promoting the use of new media elements in a corporate environment. There are regulatory issues which corporations and their officers must comply with and when implementing a new media strategy, it is important to take this into account.

I think a bigger challenge is seeing the value in new media in a business environment. We sometimes throw jargon around like it is self-explanatory but it really isn’t. We really believe that if a case is to be made for the use of new media in business it needs to be as jargon-free as possible. The focus, as with any service really, is on the challenge being address and the solution new media elements can help facilitate. The dotcom bust was a good example of loads of jargon and no real business rationale.

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