A little disappointed …

Tertia sent around this email to a couple bloggers this morning.  I think her email is fair comment in light of the controversy over the 2007 SA Blog Awards and she gave me permission to republish it here:

Hello guys

i know i am a big girl, and i know i am hormonal, but i have been really disappointed and annoyed at how whingey and whiney and moany the SA blogging community have been.

All (some) people seem to do is whine and moan about every thing. The 27 dinners, the blog awards blah blah blah. Ok, ok, you can’t please all the people all the time, but why can’t we at least try and see the positive?

And then, when something really great and positive happens to one of us, one of our little group of local bloggers (I am talking about been short listed as a Blooker prize finalist), hardly any one blogs about it. it is making international headlines, this is a big deal! Can’t believe the names on that list – Frank Warren, Seth Goldin, the guys from Daily Kos! tertia albertyn, , , ,

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