Will Telkom install ADSL before or after Neotel does?

It is a fair question that new ADSL subscribers should ask themselves.  Granted Neotel is now only likely to start rolling out its residential broadband offerings in June 2007 because ICASA is dragging its heels but if you consider that Telkom could take a month or two do install ADSL in your home, you may be better off waiting for Neotel (at least don’t take out anything other than a month by month contract with Telkom if you do go with them).

Aquila ordered an ADSL connection last week after realising that dial up just isn’t the way to go (jeez bru, you’ve been on dial up all this time??!) and he has installed a cool looking counter on his blog to track just how long it takes to receive his new connected hotness.  Ok, so 5 days down (as I write this) and a mere 3 (and a bit) to 5 (and a bit) weeks to go before the Telkom technicians arrive … in theory.  In fairness to the Telkom people, they can be early.  Then again, you can wait so much longer than they estimate for your connection.

Of course a third option is to wait for the broadband network the City of Johannesburg is planning on rolling out in the near future … it is promising "true broadband" …

(no wise cracks from those of you in the UK with anything between 8MB and 24Mb connections, ok?  We’re clinging to what we have and pretending it is ok)

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