Not a single envelope to be found …

I was at Sandton City this afternoon for a movie and I wanted to deposit a cheque I received from Google (yay me!) so because I bank with Standard Bank I went to a Standard Bank ATM to deposit the aforesaid cheque and found … no deposit envelopes.  So I tried the next one … and the next one … and the next one … until I had tried every Standard Bank ATM in Sandton City and there was not a single deposit envelope to be found.  What crap is that?  It seems the bank doesn’t want my money because it is too much effort for some employee to do the rounds and make sure that there are envelopes in the machines and perhaps a couple extra ones in case the ones in the machines run out or are stolen to make pretty blue and white hats!

Of course I don’t really expect a response from the bank to this post.  They don’t really respond to blog posts by their customers.  I think there is actually some kind of special Bank Code with a fancy handshake and passphrase which pretty much involves sticking their heads into the ground and pretending everything is fine.  Just the same I thought I’d share my frustration.

Inspired.  Motivated.  Involved.  My ass!

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