Multimedia reporting at the Sunday Times

The Sunday Times Online team has been doing some great work on the site adding loads of multimedia content into the stories on the site. The recent story about David Bullard, a Sunday Times columnist who was shot at his home recently, is a great example of their work. The Sunday Times Online team includes Colin Daniels, Carly Ritz (our #1 fan) and Gregor Rohrig.

The story page has not just the text of the story but also photographs of Bullard, part of his home, one of his x-rays but a link to a video interview with him as well (Windows Media format and YouTube). The availability of the video on YouTube is a great idea and I am really glad to see it there. It makes the video that much more accessible because bloggers like me can do this:

Gregor has a post on his blog about how he interviewed Bullard 24 hours after the shooting. The team is doing a fantastic job. Between the Sunday Times Online and Mail & Guardian (with Vincent Maher and Matthew Buckland), old media is fast becoming very new media and that evokes warm fuzzies in our hearts.

(Source: Vincent Maher)






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