Featured business: Engineer Simplicity

The featured business today is Engineer Simplicity, an engineering business run by Duncan Drennan.  Duncan sent me an email about his business and I thought it was worth repeating here:

At the heart of it, Engineer Simplicity is about creating better products. Unfortunately that is quite broad, but that is my real desire. I want to create products that improve the quality of our lives. Technology is really quite complicated and I do my best to try to make technology an enabler – rather than complicating peoples’ lives with my products I want to simplify them. I want people to be able to spend more time with their wife(husband) and kids, not trying to figure out how to programme their VCR.

That’s all very lofty and the goal that I’m working towards. At the moment most of my time is spent consulting and helping other companies develop their products. In parallel with this I’m beginning to develop my own products (that will hopefully help change the world, even if just in a small way).

I find the whole notion of an engineering finding solutions for everyday issues as well as the bigger things really interesting.  I found a post on Duncan’s blog (yup, an engineering who blogs too – what better way to get to know Duncan and his work better) about some work he did on a BMW motor bike which really seemed to just make the bike’s rider’s life easier.  What a great service to provide.

Duncan is based in Cape Town and you can reach him at the following:

Engineer Simplicity (Pty) Ltd
57 Cornwell Street
Oakdale, Bellville
South Africa

Tel : +27 21 948 4100
Fax : +27 88 021 948 4100

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