Anna Nicole Smith dies

This news hit the blogosphere in the last 24 hours and has come as quite a shock.  According to Back in skinny jeans:

The news is everywhere, but Anna Nicole Smith died today after collapsing at The Hard Rock Hotel in  Seminole Florida. Cause of death is unknown. The autopsy will be performed tomorrow (2/9).

Anna Nicole Smith was one of those celebrities that you couldn’t help but watch or be intrigued with her latest escapade, but at the same time would never admit out loud that you "cared" about any news related to her. "Phew! Anna Nicole. I could care less about that train wreck…{you turn away, yet your head peeks back} But, come again, what nonsense is she up to now?"

Annanicoleguess2 One thing I did admire about Anna Nicole’s career was that she was the first Guess girl who really made voluptuous sexy in all those skinny obsessed fashion rags. Although, skinny back in the 80’s was a size 6 compared to today’s size 2. Remember those Guess ads? Everyone talked about how cool it was to have this "larger" model in a very high-profile ad campaign. Back then, being a Guess girl was a HUGE deal. Anna was very beguiling in the early days of her career.

The person I feel most concerned about his her 5-month old daughter, Dannie Lynn Hope. This little girl has already lost a brother and mother, and who her real father is, is being fought in court. When I saw the news of Anna Nicole’s death, my first thought was of her daughter, and I honestly felt incredibly saddened.

Despite all of Anna’s craziness, she was just another human trying to get on in the world. The end of her life was quite tumultuous, but may she rest in peace. As much as she loved media attention, Anna Nicole Smith surely did leave this Earth with a dramatic ending.

Anna has been criticised as a gold digger but as Lucy Jones points out, she was denied access to the money in her recent court battles.

As for the circumstances of her death, there is already some information on Wikipedia:

On February 8, 2007, Smith was found unresponsive in a room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. At 1:38 p.m. (18:38 UTC) Seminole Police Chief Charlie Tiger said a nurse in Smith’s sixth floor room called the hotel front desk, who in turn called security, who in turn called 911, and at 1:45 p.m. a bodyguard administered CPR before she was rushed to Memorial Regional Hospital at 2:10 p.m and pronounced dead upon arrival at 2:49 p.m. Smith’s boyfriend, Howard K. Stern, was with her when she died and has reported to Entertainment Tonight that her temperature was running high the night before. It is believed, Anna Nicole Smith died a SAG martyr…It seems as thou O.J. Simpson needed a stand-in Nicole for modeling the editor re-writes and suggestions of his hypothetical ways of murdering his wife…of which fatefully, Anna gave an Oscar winning performance of Nicole and suffered an O.J. Simpson flashback…where he actually wore gloves that fit. However, An autopsy is expected to be peformed to determine an official cause of death. An autopsy is expected to be peformed to determine an official cause of death.

I think the days and weeks ahead are going to be pretty interesting as the autopsy results are released and the speculation steps up a notch.

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