Episode 1.2 of the Legally Content podcast is up

My apologies for the delay with this post. I was waiting for Odeo to pick up on the update so I could post a player for the podcast episode here. Without further ado, episode 1.2 of the Legally Content podcast is available through the Legally Content feed, on the Legally Content blog or for direct download:

In this episode –

There is also some exciting news about a new chilibean project.

The exciting news I mention in the show notes is a new podcast which Victoire and I will be recording tomorrow afternoon (1 February) and which should be up by the weekend. This new podcast will cover new media and should prove to be a great supplement to this blog. We hope you will enjoy it.

We’re going to get off to a rather unusual start and record the first episode of the podcast in a public spot using some pretty simple and mobile equipment. I have tested the equipment and it works pretty well and I am sure you will let us know what you think when you hear it.

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