Nokia and Vox come together

You may have noticed that I am a fan of Six Apart‘s Vox. I have my personal blog on Vox and love using it for all the reasons I have talked about and then some. I was thrilled to find out that Vox has done a deal with my favourite mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia, to integrate Nokia’s Nseries phones with the popular blogging platform:

Nokia and Vox have teamed up to make it incredibly easy for you to upload video, photos, and updates to your Vox blog directly from your Nokia Nseries device. Get a free Vox blog today and you’ll be sharing your life and experiences with friends and family, whenever you like, from wherever you are.

And Vox members who register their Nokia Nseries device during sign-up will not only get an additional 1GB of upload bandwidth per month, but will also be eligible for future promotions, created with Nokia mobile bloggers in mind.

This deal clearly works on the assumption that blogging is going to go mobile in a big way (as a matter of fact, if you look up a Vox blog in your mobile phone’s browser, odds are you will see a mobile version of the blog rather than having to try view a full sized page on that tiny screen).

I think the assumption is a good one if you take into account good quality cameras (still and video), blogging software built into the phones and a myriad of services that allow you to post your content to photo and video sharing sites. Nokia has had its Lifeblog software for its phones for a little while now and last year TypePad released its mobile phone client. This latest deal with Vox is almost a logical step for both Nokia and Six Apart. Vox is a personal blogging platform, for the most part (you can’t do the customisations you would want to do if you were going to make money off your blog), and a mobile phone with the capabilities of the Nseries phones will work well as personal blogging devices. I like this quote from the Six Apart announcement:

As a lot of people have noted, Vox isn’t just blogging, It’s blogging enhanced by the power of a smart social network. But if your social network doesn’t work when you’re not sitting in front of your computer, your social network doesn’t work.

There are instructions and downloads as well as a demonstration on the Vox site. You can use your existing Nseries phone to access the service and all you really need to do is register a Vox account and start blogging (and even that is free).

If you don’t have a Nokia Nseries phone, you can still post to your Vox blog either by posting new content via MMS or email or you can use the Vox Mobile Smartphone Application which is pretty similar to the TypePad Mobile application. The application can be installed on Symbian smartphones and Windows Mobile smartphones.

Six Apart is really getting into this space. I think they are on the right track.

(Source: Splashcast)

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