Bloggers included in Telkom ICT Journalist of the Year competition

I just saw this post on Matthew Buckland’s blog about the expansion of the Community and Citizen Journalist category in the Telkom ICT Journalist of the Year competition. Bloggers may now enter the competition in this category which includes the following people:

  • Journalist is not affiliated to a commercial organisation
  • Professionals are not allowed to enter
  • Citizen Journalist: Stories must be published on a personal web site, blog, group-blog, or citizen journalism aggregator. Republication of stories produced for the traditional media (print, radio, TV) or commercial online media is not allowed.
  • Community publishers: publication must be targeted to a sub-metropolitan audience or a limited size niche market

Category winners could win R15 000 and the overall winner could win R40 000. Not too shabby! So should I enter or should I sharpen my pencils and practice hard for next year? Which one of my stories would you pick as a potential winner?

If you were going to nominate someone, who would you choose? Who are our best bloggers? (I promise I am not fishing for compliments here)

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