MacWorld rumours: Keynote 2007

One of the many rumours doing the round before MacWorld starts tomorrow is that Apple will unveil a totally new version of Keynote.

I haven’t given many presentations since I got my Mac but Keynote is by far the most fun to use. I do find myself wishing I had a more powerful laptop because it really seems to work better with that extra power but what an amazing program. It actually makes me want to go spend the rest of my day reading something like Presentation Zen.

The one thing that bugs me about new releases of iWork (the suite that Keynote is part of) is that you have to buy a new copy every time. There is no upgrade option. Or at least there hasn’t been one till now. The rumours include a rumour that the new version of Keynote may be available for download exclusively on the Web. Now that would be cool! So would an upgrade pack …

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