Where do you buy your music online?

I am on another mission to find all the legal music download sites. As you probably know, I am frustrated with the poor choice of legal music downloads and the restrictive licensing conditions imposed by the music industry. My preference is to locate sites that sell music formatted in mp3 or iTunes format (aac) mainly because I am a Mac user but I’d like to create a list of all the sites where you can legally buy music online and play it on your portable music device and I’d really appreciate your help to do it.

The sablogs project worked so well, I reckon we could do just as good a job cataloguing all those legal music sites so I propose that all legal music sites be added to del.icio.us and tagged with the tag legalmusicdownloads. To add to the utility of the list I suggest that the tags mp3, aac and wma be used to indicate which format the music on that site is available. If there are other formats available then use the file extension for those formats in the tags so people who visit the listing can cross reference the main tag and the format tags to get the music they want.

I think there should be a few guidelines for additions to the site. Actually, they are pretty simple:

  • The music must be legally available for download. It is not ok to download music under copyright from file sharing sites so I’d rather those sites are not added to the list. A good international example of a legal music download site is eMusic. Local examples are Pick ‘n Play and Musica (even though their music is only available for Windows Media Player users).
  • Myspace has a ton of music available on it so if there are bands on MySpace you like and who have made their music available for download, feel free to add them.
  • It doesn’t really matter whether you have to pay for the music or not, the main thing is that the music must be available for legal download and users should be able to transfer the music to their portable music player (otherwise, what’s the point?).

What do you say?

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