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There is a great interview with Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion on The interview covers how Rubel got into blogging and how he uses blogging at Edelman, his employer.

My favourite part of the interview is the part where Rubel speaks about the importance of being passionate about what you do. This is not new advice and you can barely throw a rock in the blogosphere without coming across this advice. Nonetheless, I like the way he expressed it:

The best advice I can offer – and this isn’t just for blogging – is to find a passion for a dream and then develop the work ethic to make it come true. My life and work passions are aligned so I never feel like blogging is work. I pound the blog rock every day because it’s aligned with my personality, lifestyle and interests. That’s true for many people who have been successful.

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I really recommend Micro Persuasion if you don’t subscribe already. There is some fantastic content on the blog and it is certainly worth being added to your feeds.

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