ComicVine: a wiki for superheroes

TechCrunch has a post about a site called ComicVine which is pretty much a wiki for superheroes where users can contribute to a growing knowledgebase of superheroes. Here is a demo of the site from Metacafe: Tour – video powered by Metacafe

The basic idea is that you register on the site (when you do, you create a persona as if you were a superhero). You get to fill in details of all your super powers in your profile and basically create a new superhero (you know you want to!).

Once inside you can view information about your favourite hero.

Superman in ComicVine

Three guesses who my favourite hero is. You can then explore and contribute to hero histories, biographies, relationships with other heroes and add comic book covers to show where those heroes appeared.

Superman's appearances

Using this site you can also track enemies, story arcs, team affiliations and more. The site could prove to be a tremendous resource for superhero fans although there is little content in place already that is not user generated. The power of a site like this will come from its popularity.

Do you use ComicVine? What are your thoughts?

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