You are Time Magazine’s Person of the Year!

This year’s Time Magazine Person of the Year is a testament to the power of social media. This last year has seen unprecedented collaboration and a global sense of community not often experienced.

This year we started to access and share content in ways we could only dream possible just a few years ago and the adoption rates are increasing every day as more people blog, sign up with Facebook, post their videos to YouTube and photos to Flickr. The Web, today, is what the hype said it would be a decade ago and this is only the beginning.

Chilibean is intended to be a celebration of this phenomenon which will only evolve in 2007. Victoire and I hope to take chilibean to even greater heights in the new year and we hope you will continue to add your voices to the voices already being expressed in our comments and through the products and services we look at here.

(via Mike Stopforth)

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