My SA Blogs project is going well

I started bookmarking all the South African blogs that I could find on with a view to creating a comprehensive directory of local blogs a week ago or so. The idea came from my perception that the local blogging scene is really small and underdeveloped. As I started adding blogs to the list, I quickly realised how big and varied the South African blogopshere really is. There is so much amazing content out there that I really feel privileged to be part of such a fantastic crowd of people. I have been using to compile this list of local blogs and so far I have added over 80 blogs using the tag "sablogs".

The sheer wealth of content out there is overwhelming. There is some truly excellent stuff on those blogs and clear evidence that the local blogosphere is anything but small and underdeveloped. If anything the local blogosphere is growing and is becoming richer as time goes on. Local initiatives like iBlog are really getting South Africans online and blogging and that just adds to the wealth of experiences and ideas already on the local Web.

I would like to issue a call to action to everyone who visits this blog. If you have a account then add South African blogs you come across to the list by using the tag "sablogs". If you don’t have a account, go ahead and create one. is a fantastic social bookmarking tool and should be a part of every web user’s repertoire. If you would like to subscribe to a feed of new blogs being added then here it is.

Remember, local is lekker!

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