Featured business of the week: Cerebra

This week’s featured business is a business which I have started to become familiar with.  It wasn’t submitted to me.  Rather it is a business I would like to highlight simply because of the personality behind it and the work it is doing.

I first met Mike Stopforth a month or so ago to throw a few ideas around and look at where there may be scope for us to work together in the local new media space.  The two things I quickly noticed were how young he looks (certainly compared to me) and how dynamic he is.  Here is a little info about Mike:

I am a consultant, writer and speaker.  I help companies translate real value from Web 2.0 trends and technologies for better business.  I’m privileged to have the opportunity to write a weekly op-ed column for the Citizen newspaper and am a technology commentator for popular business and marketing websites including Moneyweb and Biz-Community. I lecture at the Vega School of Branding in Johannesburg and feature as a guest lecturer on executive programs at the Graduate School of Business in Cape Town.

Mike’s company is called Cerebra and his company has a pretty interesting focus:

Much of my work involves meeting corporate clients, initiating internal communications audits and diagnosing areas of pain that social software may (or may not) assist with. Once we’ve figured out the pain, we match a software solution to that specific need. This is quite a refreshing approach for most corporates as they’re typically used to speaking to IT consultants (read: reps) who are punting one product as the ‘be all and end all’ solution.

The new media space (what I call the Web 2.0 space) is a pretty exciting and constantly evolving space on the Web with a fortune of potential for local businesses.  So much so that I also run a blog called chilibean which is dedicated to new media and what it has to offer the local market.

Cerebra’s clients include some large corporates and when I talk to him he just seems to be way ahead of anyone else working in this space.  To add to all of this, Mike comes across as a genuine and grounded guy with great intentions.  If you would like to contact Mike, you can find all his contact details here.






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