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If you are considering options for your blog, you are well advised to take a long, hard look at WordPress. WordPress really comes in two flavours for non-enterprise users (a multi-user version was released recently): the downloadable version you can install on your hosting service provider’s servers or the hosted version at WordPress.com. The first version is best for people who are prepared to get their hands a little dusty or who want to add plugins and have the flexibility to get stuck into some of the code if the fancy takes them. The hosted version is perfect for those people who want to set up a free blog, pick a good looking theme and just get on with the blogging.

It turns out that I am not the only person who thinks that WordPress is the bee’s knees for blogging. PC World recently published an article about the joys of WordPress and how it has shaped up to be a blogging platform of choice.

I use WordPress for half of my blogs (this one included) and I find WordPress to be far easier to maintain and simpler to understand. I have Bachelors of Arts and Laws degrees and the closest I came to a computer science degree was reading about it somewhere. What little HTML I know is self taught and that has proven to be enough for me to find my way around a WordPress template. Compared to Movable Type (an excellent platform), WordPress is child’s play and when the time comes for an upgrade or when you decide it is time for a new look, ease of use becomes really important, particularly if you have to make those changes yourself. Of course this is not to say that WordPress is overly simplistic and not comparable to its more complex cousins. You can’t talk a walk through the blogosphere without tripping over a WordPress blog run by technically proficient bloggers. WordPress is a pretty robust platform at is perhaps more user friendly than similar platforms.

I intend moving all of my blogs across to WordPress in the near future. It is a great blogging platform. It is free and really easy to install. If you prefer to use the hosted solution at WordPress.com you can literally be blogging in 5 minutes. In fact, why not head over to WordPress.com and give it a try. As with the downloadable version, you can keep your efforts totally private and spend as much time as you would like poking around in the engine and posting a few posts of your own. You’ll be pleasantly surprised just how easy and user friendly WordPress is.

I’d love to know what your experiences with WordPress are or have been so leave a comment and share your experiences.

(Sources: Photo Matt and Lorelle on WordPress)

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