Struggling a bit with TypePad

I don’t know what is going funny here but I have really been struggling with TypePad for the last week or two.  It seems that everytime I try to post something or check stats, I get a 504 error (something about gateways being on holiday and not answering their phones).  This presents a problem for me because I can’t keep my blogs updated as much as I’d like to and when I have a bad day with TypePad, I just can’t update anything.

So once again I have been thinking about alternatives.  I currently have about 5 active blogs on TypePad (roughly 7 or 8 in total) and I am wondering if the time has come to migrate to another service. appeals to me as an option although the customisation options are very limited (no advertising or plugins).  On the other hand, is free and is robust enough to handle big blogs like Scoble’s blog.

Of course the obvious answer is to migrate my blogs to my preferred hosting company and install WP on their servers.  This would give me control over the templates and all that funky stuff.

I am not excited about the prospect of leaving TypePad.  I have been using TypePad for the last 2 years and it has been a great platform for my blogs.  The only problem is that some of my blogs are finally starting to gain some traction and this is when TypePad starts to crash on me.  I have been advised that TypePad support people are aware of these issues and they seem to be affecting blogs with higher traffic and large numbers of posts.  That is a bit of a problem, methinks.

Anyone have any thoughts?






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