Inside the Net becomes net@nite

One of my favourite netcasts (aka podcasts) is the Inside the Net netcast by Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur. Inside the Net is part of the fabulous Network.

The Inside the Net netcasts is a weekly interview with the founders or developers behind some of the Web’s hottest new projects. Companies and services include Six Apart (creators of Vox), Etsy, Drupal, Firefox and, more recently, Nakama. Each of these companies or services are operating in the Web 2.0/new media space and some are at the leading edge of what may one day become mainstream.

Inside the Net is about to change:

Amber MacArthurAll the TWiTs started in live television. Thats our first love, and weve always wanted to do live netcasts. Well now we can.
Amber and I are proud to announce the first live TWiTcast. Were reinventing Inside the Net, and renaming it net@nite. Youll still be able to listen to the show as a podcast every Tuesday, but you can also listen live as we record it Sunday nights. Even better, you can participate.
Leo LaporteWere using the Talkshoe client to do the show. Its essentially a teleconference bridge that can handle hundreds (thousands?) of participants. You dont need to call in if you just want to listen – you can do that from the Talkshoe web site – but if you want to participate in the chat, or as a caller, download the Talkshoe client (its Java so it runs on Mac and Windows just fine) and join us.
Our inaugural flight is Sunday, November 5, at 9pm Eastern (0200 GMT). Well still be working out some bugs, but get ready for a whole new kind of netcast!

This new format looks pretty exciting and I am looking forward to the inaugural episode early next month. You can keep an eye on developments on the net@nite blog (the feed is here)

If you would like to subscribe to Inside the Net (as is for the next week or so), then head on over to the page on where you will find a couple subscription options and even the link to download the latest episode. You can also subscribe to Inside the Net on iTunes.

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