Young attorney advertises her services on MySpace

Forget about a YouTube video to advertise your law firm, try MySpace, a massively successful social networking site that originated as a forum for musicians to make their music available on the Web and which has grown into a social phenomenon on the Web that Rupert Murdoch of NewsCorp bought for $580m last year.  MySpace is tremendously popular amongst teenagers and people in the 20s in particular and is starting to take off here in South Africa too.

A young Pennsylvania attorney named Anicia M. Ogonosky has established a presence on MySpace called legallyblondepa which is certainly a shift from the conventional corporate law firm website.  Although her MySpace page features a photo of her wearing a sleeveless top, her attention is not to solicit work using sex appeal.  Rather Anicia prefers to present a face to her clients that they can relate to.  She is a bankruptcy attorney who is targeting the 20-something market and she believes that her clients would prefer to sit down and meet with someone who is perhaps dressed a little less intimidating and formal.  Her philosophy is pretty straightforward:

My philosophy is to provide the client with honest advice, whether bankruptcy is appropriate for the client or not, and to stand up for my client’s best interests. You can expect me to communicate with you every step of the way, and explain to you all of my recommendations. My goal is to provide each client with quality legal services and excellent communication at a reasonable fee.

She isn’t all casual and relaxed while working, though.  According to an article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, she is all business when in court, as you would expect.

This is yet another example of an attorney who is using new media to promote her practice and reach out to her target market where they are.

(Source: Lexblog)

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