True broadband in South Africa?? Could it be?

I was on the Telkom website earlier and I noticed that Telkom is running a 4Mbps trial at the moment for subscribers of the 1Mbps ADSL service:

All Telkom DSL 1024 customers will get to experience internet access speeds up to four times faster than the fastest broadband speed available. We are testing the new 4mbps speed at the DSL 1024 price.  DSL 1024 customers do not have to apply to be upgraded as Telkom will do so automatically. If the trial proves successful the Up to 4Mbps service will replace the DSL 1024 service at no additional cost.  The profile for the Up to 4Mbps service changes to: Downstream: minimum is 640kbps and maximum 4096kbps Upstream: minimum is 256kbps and maximum 384kbps Customers who are unable to connect (sync) at 4096kbps due to factors such as line length or quality will be accommodated down from 4096kbps in 32kbps decrements, but not lower than 640kbps, until the service connects (sync’s successfully).

This, together with recent changes to Telkom’s pricing structure (the highly objectionable monthly ADSL line rental seems to have been dropped altogether and prices for ADSL access have also been reduced) indicates that Telkom is falling into line with consumer demands.  They are not quite on a par with better priced DSL service providers but there is welcome relief for local consumers.

This is a good start and while I suspect this is really in response to Neotel’s recent launch and entry into the local market, I am a little happier about being a Telkom customer.

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