Another Telkom moment!

I am living the cafe work-life at the moment.  A couple Telkom contractors were upgrading gear in my area yesterday when they cut me off (literally in the middle of a conversation with a client) and then didn’t switch me back on after they left.  So I was left to file a fault report with Telkom to remedy a fault their contractors caused.

Customer service extends to how you respond to a mess you make.  Besides the fact that these contractors should have ensured that my service was running before they left the area to interfere with someone else’s service, they should have come running when I called to report the problem.

Unfortunately I am back in the hands of Telkom’s overloaded technicians and their loony timetable.


Thanks to some help from a client, I had my service restored this afternoon by a very polite and helpful technician.  One thing I can and must say about Telkom is that their technicians are really helpful (at least the ones who have helped me) and when they arrive to sort out a problem, they don’t mess around.

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