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At least one law firm is using feeds for internal communications. The law firm Dykema has started publishing feeds about specific clients. The way this would work is that attorneys would subscribe to feeds relevant to their clients and as work is done for those clients, each attorney acting for those clients would be kept in the picture. In large firms where many attorneys service the same clients, it is often important for those attorneys to remain up to date on what is going on to ensure that necessary steps are taken to protect that client or further that client’s interests. It is also a great way of keeping attorneys involved in clients’ affairs rather than stepping back after a job and moving on to the next client. According to the Emerging Technology Trends blog on ZDNet:

Ross Szalay, IS director for the law firm Dykema, took the internal approach to turbocharge the firm’s ability to monitor current cases. For example, an attorney in charge of a specific client account gets a regular feed of all specific efforts undertaken by other attorneys for the client, so there’s a unified view of the services the client is getting and needs to be billed for.

Feeds are also valuable tools to keep customers informed about information that affects them or even as a way to keep clients up to date with progress reports. The costs involved can be minimal. The main challenge will be persuading clients and employees to start using feedreaders and viewing feeds as valuable information streams that can save time and improve efficiency when used sensibly.

(Source: Lexblog)

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