Job hunting in the blogosphere

Now here is an interesting trend.  Some big time bloggers are facilitating job searches for bloggers and other technically minded people.  Darren Rowse, the Problogger, has put up a job site for bloggers looking to get paid for their content.  The site is called JobBoard and is both a listing of available jobs and an opportunity for prospective employers to publish job opportunities.  One handy aspect of this site is that you can subscribe to the site’s feed and keep tabs on new opportunities as they come in:

The ProBlogger job board is where bloggers looking for jobs and companies looking for bloggers to hire meet.

Om Malik, recent media entrepreneur, has also put together a technical jobs site called GigaOm Jobs which also has a feed you can subscribe to.  As Om puts it:

Though we are not the first, and certainly not the last, today we are throwing our hat in the ring, and introducing our Job Board, which is now live at We have smart readers, and many of them run smart companies or fund smart companies. Others are looking for smart jobs. I believe we can provide mediation.

While these services are hardly new in the sense that job sites have been around for a long time now, the fact that these bloggers are getting involved in their respective spheres is quite exciting.

(Source: Seth Godin)






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