Brrr … snow in Joburg!

It is so cold that it has actually snowed (incredibly lightly) in Johannesburg for the first time in many years.  According to News24:

Johannesburg – It snowed in Gauteng on Wednesday for the first time in at least eight years, said Weather SA.

"Apparently at Carletonville and Westonaria there is light snow," said Weather SA assistant manager for forecasting, Kevin Rae.

He said the snow had been reported about 09:00 on Wednesday.

"The very extreme southern parts of Gauteng could have some light snow during this morning."

He said the rest of Gauteng could expect showers.

The Gauteng interior south of Pretoria was expected to be "bitterly cold" on Wednesday with a maximum of 12°C or lower.

"Snow over Gauteng seems to occur once every eight to 10 years," said Rae.


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