The long tail’s second wind

I wrote about a phenomenon called “The Long Tail” over a year ago.  At the time I focussed more on an article written by Joe Krauss than on the original article by Chris Anderson of Wired.  Anyway, Anderson has since written a book titled “The Long Tail” which is attracting quite a bit of interest in the blogosphere.  I haven’t read the book yet mainly because I have a couple books I haven’t finished yet and which I’d like to read before I buy another one and because if it has come out here it will be in hardcover and I think I should wait for a cheaper paperback to buy it (business is a little quiet …).
Rather than talk about the long tail phenomenon again, I thought I’d give you a couple links to some sites that reference the long tail in the event you are interested in it and would like to know more.  Enjoy!

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