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I received a message from Zainab, a bright young person, who is blogging about BEE.  I just took a quick look at this very clean looking blog with some useful information to guide you through the BEE maze.

Zainab’s latest post deals with BEE Codes:

The Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003, made the concept of BEE an official policy. However, it is the BEE Codes of Good Practice that will breathe life into BEE. The Codes deal with the actual implementation of BEE – the how to.

The Codes of Good Practice have been divided into two Phases. Each phase deals with different elements of BEE. The First Phase of the Codes have been finalised, we now await the Second Phase to be finalised. While the Codes of Good Practice are easy to understand and will not pose much of a problem when practically applying them, there still remain some nebulous areas. The Department of Trade and Industry (dti) issued the Second Phase of the Codes and invited public comment so that those unclear or ambiguous areas may be cleared up. The public comment phase closed on the 31st of March 2006. The dti are now engaged in consultation with all those entities or individuals who made submissions to the dti regarding the Codes. Once this has been completed it is expected that the dti may make some changes and thereafter the Codes will finally be gazetted.

I am definitely bookmarking this blog.

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