A sneak peek at the new site design

I battled a bit last night to include a sneak peek of the new site design with my post about some of the changes to this site that are looming in the near future.  For some reason the image wouldn’t upload.  Anyway, I think I have resolved the issue (or perhaps more accurately, the issue has resolved itself).  Here is what this site is going to look like:

Ja Blog Redesign

As I mentioned last night, it does represent quite a change from the current site design.  I have developed a strong liking for sunflowers and I love some of the imagery they evoke for me.  One example of why I enjoy sunflowers is that they represent a concerted effort by a close knit team of much smaller individuals.  According to Wikipedia:

What is called the flower is actually a head (formerly composite flower) of numerous flowers crowded together. The outer flowers are the ray florets and can be yellow, maroon, orange, or other colors. These flowers are sterile. The flowers that fill the circular head inside the ray flowers are called disc florets

The fact that sunflowers follow the sun as it travels across our sky also appeals to me.  To me this represents one of my goals; to remain independent of my clients and present the benefits of that objectivity that accompanies independence and, at the same time, remain focussed on my clients as they travel on their journey.  By the way, this behaviour is known as “heliotropism“.

As usual, I welcome any comments you may have about the new design.  Actually, I welcome any comments you may have.  Period.  Well, with the exception of spam which I don’t publish anyway.

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