Podzinger … wow!

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I just caught up on an episode of the “Inside the Net” podcast where Amber and Leo interviewed Alex Laats, the president of a relatively new search site called Podzinger which searches inside video and audio files.  Yes, you read it correctly, Podzinger goes beyond searching file names or show notes for podcasts and vidcasts (aka video podcasts aka vodcasts) and enables you to search for content inside the audio or video file.  You can listen to the podcast episode by clicking on this link.

This technology is awesome.  It enables you to search for podcasts that deal with something you are interested in and to play the segments of those podcasts where that content is discussed or dealt with.  Podzinger is the closest we have to the audio and video equivalent of the likes of Google.

It gets better!  Podzinger also makes extensive use of RSS on the site.  You can subscribe to an RSS feed on just about everything including searches you run on the site.  This enables you to keep an eye on, for example, how many people are talking about you on podcasts.  This technology really is amazing.

This is yet another reason I can’t want to start publishing a podcast of my own.

By the way, Podzinger was created by BBN Technologies Corporation, the company that, as Leo put it, “created the Internet”.

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