Thank you for your support!

I have noticed a sharp pick-up in the interest in this site over the last month or two and especially in the last few days when about half a dozen people signed up for daily email updates.  Thank you so much for visiting this site and for supporting it (and me).  Please feel free to comment on posts that get your attention and email me if there is anything you’d like to see on this site.

I have started experimenting with my own podcast (basically a short download-able radio show that you can listen to on your PC or music player) and as soon as I work out some of the technical issues, I will probably start a weekly podcast to supplement this site.  There are a few things I am going to explore in the coming weeks and months.  One of these things is a client extranet where clients can log in and view documents relevant to their files and get a better idea what is going on in their files.  It is all very exciting and I will post updates here as I go.

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