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First there was that guy who sold off 1 000 000 pixels for $1 each pixel and soon made $1 000 000.  Yesterday I received an email from a guy looking to sell 1 000 000 links on his website and tonight I read about this website,, where this guy took a bet with his girlfriend that it is a pretty simple thing to clock up 2 000 000 hits on a website because people on the Web are bored and will pretty much click on any site for no particular reason.

So anyway, this guy launches his site on the 14th of March and by the 6th of April he had achieved his goal and won his bet with his girlfriend.  His prize?  A threesome including his girlfriend.  His girlfriend conceded defeat, invited him to pick a girl and went shopping.  So what does this guy do?  He opened a forum to celebrate his brainstorm.  Oh, there was also something about PayPal.

Mark Forrester thought he’d take a chance at boosting his site traffic with all the hype about this site with the aid of what he refers to as “shameless self-promotion” and it worked for a while till the dude threw a spanner in the works for a little while.  Can’t say I blame Mark.  I took a chance with the Tammy NYP story and it worked out reasonably well for my hits (hasn’t done much for my AdSense income though).

I wish people would click on my AdSense banners a million times or so … maybe I should start a competition to see how quickly I can make a million bucks off AdSense banners!  Of course I am not permitted to encourage that sort of behaviour so I won’t start that competition …

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