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Ok, so there was all this hype about what Origami is/was and today it was revealed to be … an ultra-mobile PC!  Ta da!  Right, so now what?  Well, for starters this device does seem to be truly mobile with wi-fi, bluetooth and cellular capability.  It is, as many people predicted, a tablet device running a full version of Windows XP Tablet Edition.  Your inputs will be through the touch screen.  You can use a stylus presumably for handwriting recognition.  Given the device’s Bluetooth capability, you can probably use existing wireless peripherals such as wireless keyboards and mice.  If you look at the demo on the Microsoft site (the Origami community site is here), you’ll see that the device also has a stand so you can stick the UMPC on your desk, use it as a pseudo-laptop then pick it up and move on.  Of course the device runs on an Intel platform which enables almost ubiquitous communications.

Here are some stats from the Hardware page:

Built to go everywhere, do everything

With powerful processors, big, bright displays, easy input options, and support for the latest connectivity standards, Ultra-Mobile PCs are ready for your life on the go.

Hardware Specifications

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 OS

Approximately 7?? diagonal display (or smaller)

Minimum 800 x 480 resolution

Approximately 2 pounds

Integrated touch panel

WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled

There seem to be two models available; Samsung and Asus.  If this is a sign of things to come (and it must be) then I think we can look forward to some really meaningful mobility in the next couple years or so.  When I see these devices, I think about the PADDs they used on Star Trek Enterprise.  Remember those devices?  Not much smaller than the UMPC.

Now if only they would introduce an Ultra-Mobile Apple device …

(For stories about the UMPC in the Blogosphere, click here)

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